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Seasonal change of fittings, Autumn 2019

Traditional Japanese houses change fittings such as sliding doors according to the seasons.

At Taikoukyo Coworking, we do it twice every year to prepare for summer and winter.
It’s the knowledge to live comfortably along with the seasons in Kyoto.

First, we started with ‘Ajiro’, the summer rattan lug, which is hand made and very valuable

You need to take it off and store it in the warehouse during autumn and winter. 

We rolled it up tight but not too much so that it wouldn’t be damaged while it is resting until the next summer comes. 

Our mascot dog, Joy helped us a lot for this procedure!

Now you can see the tatami mat floor which has been waiting for the autumn coming under Ajiro lug during summer.

Then next, we exchanged all the sliding doors from the summer one to the winter one.

The one with thin papers and wooden lattice is called ‘shoji’, and the another with thick paper called ‘fusuma’.

It’s a big work but in this way, the people living without air conditioner or electric heating system adapted themselves to the seasons. 

There are very limited houses which still keep doing this fitting change twice every year, which is the great opportunity to learn the part of the culture we’ve developed.

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