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A Peaceful Coliving Space in a Historic Kyoto Residence

Taikoukyo (苔香居)

    One of the charms of Kyoto is the blend between its lively city center, rich history, and lush natural surrounds. If you want the best of both worlds while coworking in Kyoto, Taikoukyu Coliving is the perfect choice.


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    NINI ROOM is a hostel desined and organised by sisters, opened in December 2017.

    The 3 stories building were used as the office and stockyard of a printing company before. Nishihama sisters renovated entire the building into the tidy, comfy hostel which gets the hear-warm impressions from the design and interiors.



    NINIRoom scored above my expectation! Cleanliness of the bathroom and toilet is very important to me, and they were kept to perfection during my whole stay there. The owners understand the importance of cleanliness, and you can tell. There is neatness in the amenities, areas were pleasant to use, and of course, the well-cared bedrooms. By the way, the bedrooms were stylish and spacious. A comfortable night sleep is never far away!
    The community played a big part, of course. One thing about NINIRoom is it’s thin walls, and the guests made sure to keep their noise level to a minimal. The staff were also very approachable, making sure I felt welcome during my stay. There was a genuine sense of friendliness in the Japanese hospitality.
    Roger Ong Pang Yong


    Our Members

    Akane Yamamoto

    Co-Founder- CEO

    Experience as a community manager in Kyoto, a backpacker struck by wanderlust. 

    Yuki Doi

    Co-Founder- CTO

    Freelance engineer specializing in web / native app development.


    Ryo Ishikawa​

    Co-Founder- CDO

    Owner of a hair salon and cafe ‘Cachette’ with the great sense of interior design.



    Shirakawa is the name of the area between Gion and Okazaki that runs along the Shirakawa river. Shiramawa is a small, calm river running through Gion area to the Kamogawa river. It has been loved by local people for a long time as the part of their life. 

    Now it’s known among both Japanese and visitors from overseas as one of the best place to take memorable photos standing on the narrow bridge on the Shirakawa river.


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