KYOTO coliving/coworking space

Coliving Space Kyoto

A peaceful coliving space in a historical Kyoto residence

ABOUT Taikoukyo

Taikoukyo (苔香居)

Work at a peaceful work space in a historic Kyoto house,

Stay at a comfortable modern residence –

This Registered Tangible Cultural Property takes on 

new life as a work and community space since Sep. 2019.

It is the place to embrace like-minded community and Kyoto’s distinct four seasons.


Located in just 5 mins away from the working place, the residence is fully equipped and ready to move in.


Modern amenities aside including fast WiFi, the property has its long history and culture remain unchanged.


The Japanese garden, the courtyard make you feel energized and recharged by relaxing in this timeless space.


Now we're having Opening Special offer !​

We’re opening Taikoukyo Coliving in September 2019 as the first coliving space in Kyoto.

We’re offering special pricing for coworking use and coliving stay.

Taikoukyo Coworking : 50% off for Drop in use  /  50% off for the monthly membership fee ( first month )

Taikoukyo Coliving Residence : 20% off for the for one month rent 


Our community

We provide chances to meet like-minded people around the world and the locals. Every month, we have seasonal events about food and culture of Kyoto.  

a Peaceful Coworking Space in a Historic Kyoto Residence

Taikoukyo Coworking

One of the charms of Kyoto is the blend between its lively city center, rich history, and lush natural surrounds. If you want the best of both worlds while coworking in Kyoto, Taikoukyu Coworking is the perfect choice. 

Located in Kamikatsura, just two stops from the famous Arashiyama sightseeing area, this unique coworking space is housed in a 400 year-old Kyoto residence. While the building and grounds are historical, Taikoukyou Coworking is fully equipped with everything you need in a modern workspace. The venue offers a working space, breakout dining room and modern kitchen, and a separate meeting room that can accommodate up to six. Of course, printers, projectors, and fast and reliable WiFi is also available.

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Balance of Natural Surroundings and Easy Access to Kyoto City

Taikoukyo Coliving Residence

Kyoto is a small city  both with its lively city center and nature. On the outskirts, you can easily find the tranquil places surrounded by nature. 

If you want the best of both worlds during your time in Kyoto, Taikoukyu Coliving Residence is the perfect choice. 

Located in Kamikatsura, just two stops from Arashiyama area, which is famous for its bamboo street, this coliving space offers you comfortable residence, a unique working space and community with like-minded people. 

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Taikoukyo Coliving is here!

address: 26 Yamada Ueno-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

e-mail address: