Program FAQ

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Q. Who is eligible for the program?
A. Anyone who is interested in the program can apply.
You don’t have to have professional knowledge or an experience in the area of the theme. However if you have the basic knowledge, you’d learn much more during the program.

Q. What does the program fee cover?
The program fee covers what included in the lectures, sessions of the program.
The program fee does NOT cover the accommodation fee, the transportation fee to and from Kyoto,
the local transportation fee, the cost of passports and visas, meals, travel insurance and other daily expenses.

Q. Will food be included in the cost?
A. Basically no food will be included. Some sessions provide drink, light meal or snack. Please refer to the description of each program for the detail.
Generally, lunch cost around 1,000 yen and dinner cost 2,000 in Kyoto, but you can prepare your meal at your hostel. We can introduce accommodation which has a kitchen.

Q. Do I have to book accommodation by myself? Is there any support for finding a place to stay?
A. You can book the accommodation by yoursefg, but you also can ask us for arrangement with our partner hotel or hostell.
We have booking servise ‘’, which is especially for mid&long term stay from 2 weeks.
Please feel free to contact us for finding the best place to participate the program depending on the numbers of your group, your preference.

Q. Is there any preparation before I join the program?
A. Basically there’s no assignment before the program starts, but we may conduct a surbey to chek your bakckground knowledge and expectation for the program in advance. If you do some research to get the basic of the area, it would be helpful to make the most of your experience of the program.

Q. Can I get a refund if I cancel the application?
A. Our cancelation policy is as below. It is based on the date we receive your cancellation request by the inquiry form or e-mail.
– More than 1 months prior to the application deadline: 100% refund
– Less than 1 months but more than 2 weeks prior to the application deadline: 50% refund
– Less than 2 weeks but 1 day prior to the application deadline: 20% refund
– After the application deadline: No refund (100% refund if the program is not conducted because the applicants are less than minimum required number.)

Q. When has the payment for the participating fee to be done?
A. We will send you an invoice once we confirm your application. Please make your payment by the indicated date.

Q. What kind of payment method is available?
A. We accept the payment by credit card, debit card, wiretransfer.

Q. Can the program issue visas?
A. We’re sorry, but we don’t issue any visa.

Q. I don’t speak English very well. Can I still join the program?
A. Yes. However, in order to get the most out of the program, you should have at least basic level of either English or Japanese skill.

Q. I don’t speak Japanese at all, Can I still join the program?
A. Yes. the program is conducted either in Japanese or English.

Q. I’m studying Japanese. Are there any chances to use Japanese in the program?
A. You may have chances to talk to the instructor or the locals in Japanese. But if you want take more time to learn Japanese, we can arrange Japanese class with extra fee.

Q. Do I have to attend all the sessions to be part of the program?
A. Basically, yes, the program is organized to be completed by attending all of the sessions.
If you are absent from the sessions with personal reasons, we don’t prepare make-up sessions.


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