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Art of Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine Program

ABOUT Program

Art of Cuisine - Japanese Cuisine Program

 The aim of this program is to have a grasp of the general idea of Japanese cuisine and get the basic cooking skills so that you can cook by yourself when you are back home.

 The lecture about cuisine is a private class by a senior Japanese chef, who has decades of experience in the various kinds of Japanese cuisine area. It’s not about just learning a recipe for a certain food, but the basic cooking techniques, understanding of the connections between cuisine and distinctive seasons and hospitality.

 He will also tell you how to buy ingredients at a market and how to use Japanese cooking tools. One of the lectures especially focuses on cooking with ‘dashi’ broth, which has the very important role for most of Japanese cuisine.

 The program also includes tea tasting session by Tyas Sosen, a Belgian Tea Master who is currently Kyoto-based. You will know the differences of tea varieties such as hojicha (roasted tea), oolong tea etc.

 The lectures will be held at Restaurant ‘Jimi’, which integrates the art of cuisine, tableware and atmosphere in the renovated traditional Japanese building.


Curriculum and Schedule

Each lecture is about 3 hours and conducted on each individual day.

You will have 2 days off among those 9 lectures and the total will be 11 days.

The fixed itinerary will be provided after the course is confirmed.

1. Purchasing ingredients at a market and using tools

2. Making dashi broth

3. Cutting

4. Simmering / Stewing

5. Grilling

6. Steaming

7. Frying

8. Tableware and cuisine

9. Tea tasting

The contents of the lecture and schedule may be changed depending on the background of the participants and the  situation. 

Program Fee:JPY165,000 (tax included) ※The expense for food, ingredients included

Group size:4 ~ 8 person

Language:Japanese / English

Location:Restauant ‘Jimi’ (59, Hieijyo-cho, Nishikujyo, Minami-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan)

Recommended for who..

– who would like to know about not only the techniques but also the cultural knowledge behind the cuisine

– who would like to learn the basics which can be applied for daily cooking at home after the program

Application Flow

Sending application form → Payment → Answering Survey → Program Starts

The First Session in 2020

Application Deadline:20th December, 2019

Program Date : Feb. 24th ~ 5th Mar. 2020

※In case the program will not be conducted because of the shortage of the number of the applicants, the notice will be send by 25th December, 2019.

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