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Art of Pottery

Japanese Pottery Program

ABOUT Program

Art of Pottery - Japanese Pottery Program

The aim of this program is to learn basic pottery making process. Starting from the lecture about the earthenware, you will make your own work such as small rice bowl or flat dish at the atelier studio with a famous ceramic artist in Kyoto.

Mr. Kawajiri is a awards-winning ceramic artist based in Higashiyama, Kyoto. He was born in a pottery-producer family which has hundreds years history in Kyoto. Mr. Kawajiri finished the master degree of Department of Design at Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Art, Department of DESIGN. He also have teach at Tokyo University of the Arts. His work has pop design and lively style like modern arts.


Curriculum and Schedule

Each lecture is about 2~3 hours and conducted on each individual day.

You basically have 2 days off among those 10 lectures and the total will be 12 days. The fixed itinerary will be provided after the course is confirmed.

1. Lecture 1 Tableware and Japanese Cuisine

2. Lecture 2 Tea utensils and Japanese Tea

3. Basic pottery making such as small rice bowl or flat plate dish

4. Glazing on the pottery made at session 3

5. Simple painting on a ready-made small plate

6. Forming by hand

7. Forming by a potter’s wheel

8. Shaving and curving the bottom

9. Taking out ceramics from a kiln

10. Casual tea ceremony experience at Master Kawajiri’s house

※The curriculum and schedule may be changed on the background of the participants and the situation. Some part of the lectures might be conducted by the apprentice when the master is not available.
You may visit a temple or museum during the lecture. Please note that your own entrance fee will be covered by you.
It takes about 2 months to complete the whole process of ceramics you make during the class. You will bear the shipping cost to your county. 

・Program Fee:JPY82,000 (tax included) ※The expense for materials included

・Group size:4 ~ 8 person

・Language:Japanese / English

・Location:Teizangama (146-2, Imagumano Minami Hiyoshi-sho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan)

Recommended for who..

– who would like to know the basic steps and skills to make ceramics in short term from the private, small-grouped lectures

who would like to enjoy communicating with an ceramic artist in Kyoto

Application Flow

Sending application form→ Payment → Answering Survey → Program Starts
The First Session in 2020

Application Deadline:20th

December, 2019

Program Date Feb. 2020 ※The specific date will be updated soon.

※In case the program will not be conducted because of the shortage of the number of the applicants, the notice will be send by 25th December, 2019.

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