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Taikoukyo, a Peaceful Coworking Space with tranquil moss gardens

One of the charms of Kyoto is the blend between its lively city center, rich history, and lush natural surrounds. If you want the best of both worlds while coworking in Kyoto, Taikoukyu Coworking is the perfect choice. 

Located in Kamikatsura, just two stops from the famous Arashiyama sightseeing area, this unique coworking space is housed in old Kyoto residence with moss gardens. While the building and grounds are historical, Taikoukyou Coworking is fully equipped with everything you need in a modern workspace. The venue offers a working space, breakout dining room and modern kitchen, and a separate meeting room that can accommodate up to six. Of course, printers, projectors, and fast and reliable WiFi is also available.

A Hidden Kyoto Gem With a Deep History and Culture

It’s not often that you get to call a Registered Tangible Cultural Property your office, but that’s just what Taikoukyu Coworking offers. Once a private residence only rarely open to the public, this historical building takes on new life as a work and community space since Sep. 2019.

Both its thatched main gate and main building itself are Registered Tangible Cultural Properties, which gives you a sense of how carefully this residence has been preserved. Modern amenities aside, the building itself remains almost unchanged since it was built over a hundred and 60 years ago.

Whether looking out at the moss Japanese garden from your desk, taking a break by relaxing by the courtyard, or strolling in the moss garden paths, you’ll feel energized and recharged by working in this timeless space. With its gorgeous flowers in spring, vivid green foliage in the summer, and carpet of moss that contrasts beautifully with the rich red of the autumn leaves, Taikoukyo Coworking offers you a chance to feel the sense of changing seasons that Kyoto residents cherish.

Features unique to a building as historic as this are a true highlight of this coworking space. The property has two tea ceremony rooms and a traditional Japanese kitchen with a hearth that is still in perfect working order. 

Cultural events such as cooking classes and tea ceremonies are also held at the venue, giving you a chance to engage more deeply with the culture and community of Kyoto.

Taikoukyo Coworking Features

Working Room

The fully-equipped work space has an immersive view of the surrounding garden from its wide windows. You’ll feel as though you're coming to work each day to a peaceful moss garden retreat.

Chatting & Dining Room

Take a break and connect with your team or other Taikoukyo coworkers at the antique dining set, or use it as a breakout space to get away from your screen and unwind with a cup of coffee.

Modern Kitchen

Although the residence has a long history of hundreds of years, its modern kitchen is fully equipped.

Meeting Room

This meeting room has western style interior and is separate from the main working space and dining area for privacy. It can accommodate 6 - 8 people.

Everything You Need to Work and Recharge

If you work remotely, you’re probably not the traditional office type. At Taikoukyo Coworking, you can enjoy the community and convenience of a shared work space in an atmosphere that recharges and inspires. This Kyoto coworking space gives you the invaluable experience of working in a historic and beautiful location alongside with other like-minded people. Take a seat at the traditional engawa , or garden-facing corridor, and work surrounded by the energizing view of nature of the moss garden here. 

While Taikoukyu Coworking may feel like a step back in time,  you’ll enjoy easy access to Kyoto’s thriving city center, with Kamikatsura Station just a 15 minute walk away. If you prefer to cycle, bike parking and rental is available. Near Kamikatsura Station, you’ll find shops that sell everything you might need during your workday, including a supermarket, 24 hour convenience stores, and drugstores.

Whether heading into the city central for meetings or recreation, you can change trains or bike to the next stop, Katsura Station, to access fast express trains on the Hankyu Kyoto Line to either the Kyoto city center or Osaka. Otherwise, if you need a break, take the quick train ride to Arashiyama and recharge in the world-famous bamboo forest, or gain clarity and inspiration in the Zen gardens of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Tenryu-ji Temple.  Making Taikoukyo Coworking your base allows you to truly immerse yourself in the unique culture and atmosphere that Kyoto has to offer.

Taikoukyo Coworking aims to shape the community by offering a space where locals and people visiting Kyoto from around the world can connect.  If you’re looking for a coworking space in Kyoto that truly gives you a sense of this historical city, consider making Taikoukyo Coworking your workspace.

Taikoukyo Coworking is a coworking space connected to Taikoukyo Coliving, the first coliving facility in Kyoto. While Taikoukyo Coworking is open to everyone, its core users are the Taikoukyo Coliving residents. Taikoukyo Coliving is located just a minute’s walk away, and residents enjoy access to Taikoukyo Coworking included in the rental price. So, if you’re looking for a space to both co-live and co-work in Kyoto, you can find out more about Taikoukyo Coliving here

Taikoukyo Coworking

26 Yamada Ueno-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

Weekdays : AM 10:00 – PM 6:00

Saturday, Sunday & National holidays : Closed (opens only when an event is hold. Events schedule can be checked from Facebook page ‘Taikoukyo Coliving – Kyoto )

  • Fast Wifi
  • Power outlets
  • Meeting room
  • Printer
  • Projector
  • Common Kitchen with cooking tools & tableware
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Free Coffee, Tea
  • Snacks (100JPY~)
  • Parking space for bicycle
  • 24h Convenience Store : 10 mins walk
  • Supermarket : 10 mins walk
  • Hankyu Railway Kamikatsura Station : 10 mins walk

Non membership Use (Drop in)

1 day : 2,200 JPY(Tax included) (No registration fee)

Membership Use

1 month : 16,500 JPY(Tax included) (No registration fee)

・Advanced booking is required both for drop-in use and membership use due to the limited capacity. Please submit the form belowFor monthly membership, you can come for pre-visit.

・We have a mascot dog, Joy at this property. 


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