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Kyoto Art of Culture Program

Elevate your senses, Enlighten your spirit.

ABOUT Program

Kyoto art of culture program

It’s a unique program to learn the art of culture in Kyoto.

Each course is a private and small-group class, led by an expert in the field.

Through the course, you will learn entry-level skill and feel the core value an expert has developed.

The First Session in 2020

Program Date : February 2020 ~ March, 2020

Application Deadline : 20th December, 2019

The Second Session in 2020

Program Date : May 2020  (scheduled)

Application Deadline : 20th March, 2020

Art of Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine Program

The aim of this program is to have a grasp of the general idea of Japanese cuisine and get the basic cooking skills.

It especially focuses on not only the techniques but also the cultural background such as the combination of the food and tableware, the four seasons of Japan.

Art of Pottery

Japanese Pottery Program

The aim of this program is to learn the basic pottery making process.

Starting from the lecture about the earthenware, you will make your own work such as small rice bowl or flat dish at the atelier studio with a famous ceramic artist in Kyoto.



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